Hands on Approach: 200 ‘Highly 'Successful Enterprises that shunned the Academics Path

Click here to see outcome of this travel projectHands on Approach: 200 ‘Highly 'Successful Enterprises that shunned the Academics Path

Based on a virtual tour of multiple societies the world over; We journey into the success stories of 200 enterprises from various sectors, we document the 'Hows' 'Whys' 'To what extent' regarding skills over degrees; capped with an '11 day’ participatory & exploratory tour of Port Elizabeth- South Africa by ‘Travel-Learn’ Participants

According to Matt Grist in an article titled 'Skills versus knowledge in education: a false dilemma' , every purpotedly skilled person should at the least be able to use applied mathematics, biology for patterns in nature, sensitivitivy to the paritular features of things, sensitivity to other peoples needs, a development of own strengths and weaknesses in a positive abd supportive environment, and facts about the world as to be able to apply these skills in general.

Travel Learn particicpants would be seeking to find out whether these qualities exist in the selected scenarios and to what extent.

Final '11 days' of activities takes place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.