English Behind The Englishes

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English Behind the Englishes: Monitoring Changing Perceptions

Based on a virtual tour of multiple societies the world over; A 'multi-society' sampling changing perceptions on the use of English at varying degrees ; capped with an ‘11 day’ participatory & exploratory tour of the United Kingdom by ‘Travel-Learn’ Participants

Some see it as an 'American vs. British English' affair; others think it’s about class, style, finesse, educational level etc. Yet another category says 'all we need to do is spit it out. As long as they understand us in spoken and written forms'.

Whilst sociolinguists see grammatical correctness, these perceptions are important in addressing the quest for a more relaxed use of the language. Travel Learn as a Focus group works towards answering a range of questions that further contribute to how people perceive the use of English and ‘what’ quota of the sampling sees ‘which’ factor as the reason for superiority in usage.