Cramped In, Boxed In

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Cramped In, Boxed In: The 'Plugged in' Living Design

Based on a virtual tour of multiple societies the world over; A Journey into Rural, Urban, and Suburban Family Units. More people living in homes with less capacity for more; The survival, the hazards, the supposed contributions to poor mental development etc.; capped with an ‘11 day’ participatory & exploratory tour of Mozambique by ‘Travel-Learn’ Participants

Slums are necessitated by push and pull factors. New structures, even by those who can afford to do better often deliberately to not conform with Basic International Standards in for building. Tight spacing, far apart toilets,no bathrooms, etc.

Travel Learn studies similar patterns across the globe, seeking for available statistics on GDP levels, incomes, educational backgrounds, ancestral beliefs etc. Ultimate goal is to add value to information for an awareness creation drive.