The Color Riot Club

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**The Color Riot Club: ** Fashioning out the other way round. _What's your statement? _ Based on a virtual tour of multiple societies the world over; A QUEST INTO FASHION SENSE, disharmonious color combinations, ethical dressing, codes and perceptions; capped with an ‘11 day’ participatory & exploratory tour of Germany by ‘Travel-Learn’ Participants

Fashion is a statement. It's also a work of art. Outfitters, fashion experts, beauty analysts, and corporate culture experts guide our travel learn participants through the use of color codes amongst multiple societies, settings, and individuals. We get to arrive at a fine print on various questions revolving around color rioting or color blocking, not only in dressing or grooming. We have them in ‘make-up' use, nails, shoes, bags and a range of other accessories.

Travel learn participants hear from selected fashion color rioters what the statement is meant to be when they combine colors the other way round. An accountant walking into the office in purple pants and yellow shirts knows what we don’t know. Whose rule is it anyway? To get a compilation of statements, we feature 200 color rioters from different societies. They tell us why they are in these colors. All we need to do is compile these set of responses, displaying the combinations in question; just as they are.